Wholesale, Breeding Guidelines and Breeding Info


Coastal Callas offers wholesale services. If you would like to inquire about our wholesale services, please feel free to contact our sales representative with the link below. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call the owner, Adrian at 831-262-2463.

Growing Guidelines

Water Management is the most critical job when growing Coastal Callas. Preserving pots moist throughout the growing cycle is recipe to best water management practices. This requires attention to detail and constant monitoring. Adding too much water can lead to water mold diseases and keeping pots too dry can abort flower production and cause plant stress. When watering, ensure your pots are irrigated full and thorough. Good water quality at an EC below 1.5 is recommended to ensure good plant health. Checking your roots and soil media to examine water moisture levels is the best cultural practice to safeguarding your plant health, and preventing over watering & dry conditions.

Pot Size Tubers Per Pot by Size Equal Performance
4" 10/12cm (1.5”) 2 tubers @ 8/10cm (1”)
5" 18/20cm (2.25”) 2 tubers @ 8/10cm (1.25”)
6" 20/24cm (2.5”) 2 tubers @ 12/14cm (1.75”) or 1 tuber @ 16/18cm (2”)