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Calla Lily Bulb Sales & Service

Rancho Espinoza is dedicated to providing high quality Coastal Calla bulbs to growers worldwide. We are committed to growing the most sought after varieties available. Our goal is providing our customers with the most vigorous multi-eyed calla bulbs in the market.

In order to provide our growers with high quality calla bulbs we grow our callas in nutrient rich sandy loam soils in the Salinas Valley. We carefully select our fields to ensure we have the right growing conditions such as great water quality, disease free and pest free soils. We analyze our soils for various nutrients to ensure that our plants are given the right soil amendments allowing the best opportunity to flourish in their juvenile growing life. Our plants are carefully spaced to ensure they receive proper light exposure and irrigation uniformity. This allows for the bulb to grow to its full potential. We monitor our fields daily for pest and disease, and apply the best pesticides commercially available in the market.

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